World Famous Tookus Chamois Cream


HISTORY: Legend has it that before there were chamois-lined shorts, racers would slip a thin steak in their shorts for the ride, then eat the tenderized flesh after the ride. Thanks to modern fabrics and chamois shapes, the tour de beef has come to an end. What continues is the battle between skin and clothing, better known as chafing or saddle sores, thus the need for lubrication to reduce friction.

ABOUT FORMULA: Tookus is a high-performance chamois cream that not only lubricates the chamois, but also acts as an anti-bacterial to reduce rashes. Simply apply Tookus liberally to your chamois, your sit points, or other areas that rub before each ride. The non-greasy, long distance preparation stays put for hours in the saddle. 

INGREDIENTS: The formula is all natural, featuring anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory Tea Tree Oil with its eucalyptus scent and slight tingling sensation. It also contains Witch Hazel (antifungal), Grape Seed Oil (healing properties), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Aloe Vera Extract (soothing), Konjac Extract (moisturizer), Shea Butter (emollient), and Yellow Bee's Wax (preserves skin moisture). No added colors or fragrances. Tested on boy bits and lady parts (no other animals though). Made in the USA.